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iC Life LLC is an organization comprised of seasoned insurance professionals ready to assist you with your most basic to very complex life insurance needs.  

Our Mission

We seek to work with individual as well as business solve their insurance needs.  Our years of collective experience allows
iC Life to come up with correct solution for your problem wh
ile helping you actually understand how the solution works.

We specialize in offering charitable organizations time tested and unique solutions that will certainly assist them to
make a greater social, religious and economic impact while thriving as an organization.  
If you feel this is something that you would like to learn more about, please contact us.


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a Seasoned 

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NOTICE:  iC Life LLC asserts that by accessing this website and any pages thereof, you agree to the binding terms of use of all iC Life LLC Policies & Agreements, as each may be amended from time to time.  iC Life LLC is not a registered broker, dealer, investment adviser, investment manager or registered funding portal. Any and all private offerings on this site are available without contravention of Rule 506(b) of Regulation D, as “safe harbor” under Section 4(a)(2) of the Securities Act, and you agree in acquiescence at the time of any like kind exchange for any goods, services.
The information contained on this site is provided for informational purposes as a service to the public as part of the mission of the iC Life LLC and does not constitute legal or tax advice.  Legal Information is not the same as Legal Advice.  Some of the information on this site and corresponding emails provide information about law designed to help users safely cope with their own Faith Based Organization needs.  The application of law varies depending on many circumstances. The laws of every state are in constant change, and although we go to great lengths to make sure our information is accurate and useful, we recommend you consult a lawyer if you want professional assurance that this educational information, and your interpretation of it, is appropriate to your particular situation.

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