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Dale Hewett Collier

Strategic Philanthropist (FL)


Personal Strategic Philanthropy Policy: I feel strongly about helping causes related to men and economic development; that specifically address the needs of entrepreneurial men (ages 25-65) and leaders of other countries who need help with economic literacy, stewardship, and community development opportunities. I envision fulfilling my strategic philanthropic goals with altruistic-based organizations that are multidisciplinary-oriented, are entrepreneurial and innovative in nature, and whose areas of influence are global in scope.

Dale Hewett Collier is a Strategic Philanthropist who is also the Managing Director of Kings Counsel & Trust (KCT).

KCT is a social enterprise dedicated to strategic philanthropy and stewardship, and helping others fulfill their philanthropy and stewardship goals -- to become more effective with what they do, to give away what they can’t keep, and to gain what they can never lose.

Dale Collier is founder of The Kings Counsel & Trust Family Office, a global fiduciary services organization serving more than 50 countries. It is comprised of various professionals and executives with higher standards of excellence dedicated to strategic philanthropy for altruistic purposes through business plan development and corporate sequencing for capital funding.

The KCTFO staff seeks to teach, train, and transform those desiring to foster stewardship” of their: “time, talent, and treasure”. This approach to the area of finances allows us to cooperatively satisfy the strategic philanthropy (social enterprise) aspect of a financial great commission towards stakeholders of the community at large.

Dale’s unique talents of developing Servant Leaders, cultivating Stewardship, Financial Engineering, Investor Relations, and Heritage & Legacy Planning is being utilized to help fill a tremendous void in contemporary legacy planning. He also cultivates a unique blend of diverse business disciplines with over 25 years of experience in: architectural design and development, construction, management consulting, procurement, business start-up and development-stage ventures; as well as fiduciary and financial services. The hallmark of Dale’s visionary thinking, resiliency, and passion for excellence continues to yield him success in strategic philanthropy and business enterprise planning initiatives.

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