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Financial Literacy.  Cash Flow Tools.  Acts Based Stewardship.

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A simple Capital Needs Analysis could be the turning point of your financial future!  Let a Strategic Philanthropist show you a new economic paradigm by deploying the proprietary cash flow vehicles of iCovest, and redefine your private equity game as a function of sustainable residual Cash Flow. 



iCovest is built upon an informed international "Cash Flow Community" forged with integrity and trust.   We learn together, as we earn together!  Cooperative Vesting is a paradigm disruption developed because of the real need to come together in these trying times.

By unifying our capital resources, we are building a B-Quadrant Cash Flow Vehicle that is greater than 500 Participants and automates the accumulation of appreciative assets...this in turn largely mitigates the risks generally associated with standard models of business and investing.

This channel is coming soon!


Enroll & Get Strategic Market Insight & Ongoing EDGE-YOU-CATION

Real Time Filtered Intelligence - Real Time Cash Flow Strategies That Work - Advanced Placement Curriculum & Insight!

iCovest Academy Advance Placement intelligence is an association of “Intel Cowboys” grounded in the principles of the #FinanciallyLit.  We are the Financial Force Recon (“FFR”) unit for the iCovest movement.  Impacting, cognitively awake rational helps us to identify patterns in vast amounts of data which explicate predictive patterns to provide leading market intelligence to qualified ecclesiastical members and enrolled students.

Led by several current advisors to the seated chairman of an international financial group, the FFR understands the data central banks and corporate affiliates focus on when making interest rate decisions, or executing domestic and global market exchanges.

Our keen insights into the thought process and data gathering techniques of the U.S Treasury are not readily available to the public... (More)



We provide educational resources coupled with proprietary access to cash flow vehicles designed to capitally reward you for increasing financial literacy on "Main Street!"  iCovest Academy teaches you how to apply wealth creation and preservation strategies generally reserved only for the "Financial Elite" and while offering you a lucrative Money Back Rewards Program on your enrollment subscription!  

iCovest Strategic Philanthropists and Fin-Tech Cash Flow Vehicles truly allow you to build a systemic B-Quad Big Business for yourself, but you're certainly not by yourself with iCovest!



Our international Professional Alliance of financially sound Strategic Philanthropists are eager to welcome you into our Cash Flow Family, and guide you through several opportunities iCovest has to improve your current financial strategy and residual wealth portfolio.



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Secure Communication System


  • Interact directly with iCovest Movement Leadership & Peers!

  • Increase your GPA Level to get Real-Time Intelligence

    • Economic Intelligence

    • Geopolitical Intelligence

    • Financial Force Recon Intelligence

  • Get subscription access to secure personalized/private Strategic Philanthropist Counsel​

CQR Link Communication System offers registered iCovestors with a GPA Level 3+ and Enrolled Students to make secure
Peer-2-Peer Audio/Visual VOIP calls, send data files, images, videos with military grade 2096-Bit and Diamond hash encryption  

We Take Security to the Next Level
The security of our community is our top priority.  We store all sensitive data encrypted. Our servers have full backups that can be accessed via an SSH connection or similar encrypted connection. Read here more how we protect the security of our hosting environment.

Enjoy our modern privacy and freedom of speech legislation
Our data centers are located in sovereign jurisdiction, which protects our freedom of expression .  Our jurisdiction is recognized under international law by private treaty to provide you with better privacy and lower online censorship beyond most countries.  CQR Link is hosted in a completely independent nation outside of the European Union and United States.

Advanced Home Server Hosting Security
We have a skilled team of Server Security Specialists and Ethical Hackers who make sure our hosting servers are always hardened to provide the maximum security from outside threats. We constantly perform security auditing and ensure our software is up-to-date with the latest security patches. When you access your dashboard and messaging rooms, the connection goes through a secure 2096-Bit SSL layer to ensure your sensitive data will not be sniffed by an intruder.

Real DDoS Protection to Keep Your Systems Up and Running
We are one of the few organizations using highly sophisticated DDoS protection methods to mitigate possible attacks towards our systems.  Our system is designed to protect our networks against all types of service exhaustion attacks.  We can guarantee our capability to mitigate attacks up to 250Gb/second.  We have a mitigation team on duty around the clock in monitoring our systems.

Save Nature:
All of our servers run on 100% renewable energy. ​

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