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Silver Settlement System (Online & Mobile App)

[“Toll-Free” CASH FLOW for PCMs & SBMs]

iCovest is a leading disruptive paradigm  combining the financial industry sector with a state-of-the-art Fin Tech system. iCovest merges existing financial vehicles to offer wealth preservation solutions that allow you to passively generate residual Cash Flows from diverse asset classes. We mitigate risk variables as we grow your capital through an international network of full-service financial professionals.

iCovest is revolutionizing private equity as a function of residual cash flow! We're empowering millions across the globe by providing a secure storage of wealth with a qualified capital vehicle that offers IVA owners digital fungibility via immediate authentication and transaction with globally transparent accountancy...and without any costly intermediaries!


Simply put, our money holds REAL INTRINSIC VALUE!

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iCovest Capital Group

iCovest Capital Group representatives are not only Mortgage Loan Originators qualified to present you with the best products available on the market from a myriad of leading "Strategic Philanthropists" we're altruists looking to empower you and your community with financial literacy and mortgage strategies  that can take you from "Main Street" to "Financial Elite!"


  • Harness the power of 100% Tax-Deductible Benefits & Bonus Depreciation.

  • Leverage money you're already spending to eliminate existing debt

  • Learn how to generate new residual cash flows.

  • Mitigate the risk of depreciating real estate values.

  • Take control of your mortgage:

  • Cancel amortized interest.

  • Harness the power of interest accumulation, and interest float Strategies.

  • Maximize the time-value of your money through appreciative asset classes.

  • Strategic pay-off & advanced positioning strategies for debt obligations.

  • Re-position and maximize idle money residually to work for you.

  • Learn to harness your HELOC as a "Weapon of Debt Destruction!"

iCovest Realty Logo.png

iCovest Realty Group

We're currently looking to launch iCovest Realty Group.  If you or someone you know is a licensed Real Estate Broker, or qualified to become a Real Estate Broker...Let Us Know! 

We have a very lucrative Professional Alliance Program that focuses on building Residual Passive Cash Flow, as iCovest can launch your career to a whole new level with B-Quad Cash Flows!


iCovest Market.png

iCovest Market

Small Business Marketplace ~ A Silver Exchange Platform
(Online & Mobile App) [SBM CASH FLOW]

The iCovest Market is an online international exchange platform for the redeeming goods and services measured with digital ICO (American Silver Eagles that is)!  It’s the only platform of its kind! 
Members do not Buy or Sell anything at iCovest, rather we are a cooperative intentional community of iCovestors who voluntarily exchange items of like kind and value between each other.



Financially Lit

Coffee Monkey Vision Logo.png

Coffee Monkey Vision

It's time to get #FinanciallyLit yo!  We got strategy and swag comin' out with no lag.  Subscribe to our media content and podcast @FinanciallyLit on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Every week we do our best to give you tid-bits of relevant strategy that will put you ahead of the pack, and keep you out of the proverbial "rat-race" of life.  Join us as we teach the wealth generating strategies of the "Financial Elite" right on "Main Street", and give you the Strategic AdvantEDGE to get out of debt, and build lasting generational wealth. 

We delve into the concepts of B-Quad and i-Quad Residual Cash Flows as we show you how to iCovest in CPO Silver Syndications with Relationships and Royalties Shared in Covenant!

Coffee Monkey Culture is Community that is all about:
Coffee, Comfort and Cash Flow!


Coffee Monkey Brewing Co is an iCovest Qualified Cooperative Procurement Opportunity (CPO). 


We Help You To Start Making What You're Really Worth By Building...

  • A residual cash flow without having to BUY or SELL products or hold inventory.  We rely on our Organic Market to do that for us!

  • A community stake holding in a proven lucrative industry sector, while generating "Toll-Free" royalties via cold Hard Cash!

  • A proprietary systemic cash flow vehicle in the "B-Quadrant" that allows you to have total control of your time and money!

  • Financial literacy that teaches CoVesting rather than Investing, and how to build wealth by empowering your community!

  • The AdvantEDGE & Foresight of real-time intelligence that puts our capital enhancement strategies ahead of everyone in the market!

  • True Financial Freedom for your family, with your community, because you're in business for yourself, but NOT by yourself!


Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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