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We are a close knit member based community, and you would not have found us without first coming through word from a qualified  iCovest Ambassador or Strategic Philanthropist.


Please contact your Sponsoring Assembly leadership with any questions you may have about iCovest.

For technical questions about this website, please use the form on the left.



Which is why we’re working diligently to provide timely counsel to Sponsoring Assemblies looking to build lasting member loyalty, communicate effectively, and strengthen their company cultures during COVID-19.


Coronavirus’s impact on organizations’ operations, external and internal communications, customer base, and bottom-line profitability is unprecedented. In three decades of training, speaking, and consulting, our team has never encountered the breadth of challenges currently facing our clients and colleagues across the financial services industry sectors.


From navigating the intricacies of shifting to a remote labor force, to adopting web-based network marketing and service workflows, to addressing iCovestor concerns and divestment, our team is witnessing first-hand the confusion, stress, and frustration wreaking havoc on even the best organizations.

That is why iCovest Academy has adopted a three-prong approach to helping our members, existing and new, to rise above the obstacles and remain united in their efforts to protect their customers and businesses during these turbulent times.

This approach, which combines B-Quad counseling with tier-specific training and organization-wide encouragement, has already driven exceptional results for Sponsoring Assemblies with as few as 25 members to those with hundreds.

As a firm believer in retaining a plurality of counselors, we cannot encourage you enough to equip your organization with wise duplicable counsel.

If you do not have a team providing timely, company-specific advice to your Community Leadership, Strategic Philanthropists, and Ambassadors, contact us above!

An iCovest Strategic Philanthropist is waiting to take your call 888-We iOECD, to learn about the challenges and opportunities that are unique to your situation, and to discuss how we can serve as a Cash Flow Family Member to your continued success during these difficult times.

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