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Liquidity Tokens



Each CQR Liquidity Token represents a single government legal tender currency unit domiciled in Sovereign Ecclesiastical CQR Vault.


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Asset Tokens



Each CQR Asset Token represents a single Minted Legal Tender 1oz 0.999 Fine Precious Metal Coin domiciled
in Ecclesiastical CQR Vault.


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Opportunity Tokens



Each CQR Opportunity Token is a Digital Certificate of Authenticity representing 1 Beneficial Interest Unit of an Integrated Auxiliary Trust issuing Royalty Rewards.


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CQR Vault AdvantEDGE!

Get the CQR Vault AdvantEDGE!

Jurisdictional Superiority 
– all Bona Fide Participant Member exchanges are performed Mandatory Tax-Excepted under 508c(1)A

Wealth Preservation Supremacy   
– store wealth & protect its value w/CQR Asset Tokens, while enjoying real fungibility w/CQR Liquidity Tokens​
Residual Cash Flow    
–  generate residual cash flows by deploying your private equity positions w/CQR Opportunity Tokens  
Confidential Settlements
– help stop identity theft and protect your privacy when you settle value exchanges with CQR Vault
Fraud Prevention
– safeguard your security and bank info because no card, checks or bank required for CQR value exchanges
Send Real Money
– instantly transfer the value of Real Money (Gold/Silver) in app or via SMS, Email, Social Media & Messengers
Save on Fees
– avoid unnecessary windfall taxes, banking fees, high exchange rate and expensive money transfer fees
Exchange Anywhere
– settle exchanges with the App or use transfer codes to everywhere CQR Vault is accepted
Global Settlements
– it's easy for Small Business Members ("SBM") to start accepting global settlements with zero chargeback
Royalties & Rewards
– enjoy promotional savings from your favorite SBMs with geo targeted CQR Rewards & Asset Pool Royalties 

It's not about the COIN...
It's about the

A classical Greek word used in the New Testament, literally translated as “communion by intimate participation” embracing concepts conveyed in the English terms: community, communion, joint-participation, sharing and intimacy, implying transparency … a real “relationship.”  


Three elements must be present to satisfy the CQR Vault's definition of Koinonia:

  1. Sharing:  True wealth lay not in what one has, but in what they gave to others.  Only participation as a contributive person allows one to share in what others have.

  2. Relationships:  Fellowship denotes a common possession of spiritual values and joint-participation in God’s graces.  The true reward is never passive, but rather always linked to action, not just being together, but also doing together.   With this fellowship comes a close and intimate relationship embracing ideas, communication, and frankness, as in a true, blessed interdependent friendship among multiple group members … creating a mutual bond which overrides each individual’s pride, vanity, and individualism, fulfilling the human yearning with fraternity, belonging, and companionship.  The ease by which sharing and generosity flow through our CQR community is a function of association, common effort, or a partnership in common, held and shared jointly with others for God, highlighting a higher purpose or mission that benefits the greater good of the members as a whole.

  3. Community:  All ships with no holes rise on an incoming tide.  We have a “common unity” of purpose and interests, striving to overcome brokenness, divisiveness, and, ultimately gaining wholeness with each of the members, with their environment, and with God.  While there is leadership, the leader’s task is to focus energy, and align interests (not impose control) in order to nurture brethren bonds to build trust and overcome two of humanity’s deepest fears and insecurities:  A) being betrayed; and B) being demeaned.

At the heart of the CQR Community, is the willingness for our Members to share the good news of the hope they have today to re-kindle an economy that rewards altruism!

You see, CQR Vault is designed such that one's willingness to give, truly determines the rewards they receive! 

All CQR Vault Members give from our "T3" as voluntary contributions:

  1. Time = One's ability to voluntarily work toward the goals of our organic international community. 

  2. Talent = One's specialized skill set or discipline that they contribute to CoVested causes and projects.

  3. Treasure = One's capital resources, property, assets, silver or cash.  

We have developed a "B-Quad" system to embrace a culture of capitally rewarding true altruism. 
At CQR, the more residual royalties you desire, the more you must give! 


The CQR Vault system is a revolutionary paradigm that truly allows you to "Have your cake...and eat it too!"

Koinonia is Community
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