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Doctorate Enrollment

Promotional 1st Year Value: $2,500 (Renewal $5,000)

  • Frequency: Annual

  • Term: 7-Year Relationship & Royalty Student Covenant

  • Curriculum Type/Format: Individual Family Office Services


Benefits/Lessons To Learn:

  • Includes All Underclassman Resources & Services Plus:

    • 2 Additional x 1-Hour Capital Needs Analysis &
      Cash Flow Strategy Sessions (10 Hours Total)

  • iCovest Enterprise Level Infinite Cash Flow Management Systems

    • Debenture Management System

      • Strategic Interest Cancellation System

      • Strategic Interest Accumulation System

      • Strategic Interest Float System

      • Strategic Payoff System

    • Velocity Banking System

    • Build Your Private Family Non-Bank Financial Institution (NBFI)

  • iCovest Enterprise Level Business Systems:

    • Employment Tax-Deferred Benefit Vehicles​

      • Ecclesiastical State Jurisdiction Rabbi Trust​

      • Highly-Specialized Discretionary Spendthrift Trust

  • iCovest Jurisdictional Tax-Advantaged Defense Systems:​

    • Ecclesiastical Defense Counsel​

    • Financial Force Recon Counsel


Promotional Money Back Rewards, Rebates, and Pre-Requisites:

  • 50% Cost Avoidance ($2,500.00)

  • 10% Cash Back (Shared among the first 100 membership subscriptions)

  • >$2,500 Instant Rebate Value - Includes the Collegiate 21 ICO contribution to open
    or added as (“top-off”) to your IVA

  • $250 Instant Rebate Value - Waiver of Individual IVA Initial Setup

  • >$250 Instant Rebate Value - Waiver of First-Year Annual Stewardship (2.5% AUS) Maintenance Expenses

  • 8 Drawing Entries ~ Liberty Stewardship Awards Eligibility

  • Prerequisites:

    • IVA Required to Participate
    • GPA Level 5

    • Graduate w/Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, and Collegiate Certifications

Money Back

We're building a community of financial literacy, and we want to reward our founding class with the cash flow generated from enrollment subscriptions.


Available to the First

100 Enrolled

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