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iCovestor Certification 101

Promotional Value: $21 (Normally $47)

  • Frequency: Monthly

  • Term: 7-Day No Committal Free Audit! 
              (Monthly Contributions Thereafter ~ Cancel Anytime)

  • Curriculum Type/Format:

    • iCovest Group (Live/Online) Cooperative Procurement Opportunity Presentation

    • iCovest Capital Needs Analysis (Personal Counsel)

    • iCovest Academy Online Weekly Live Group Strategy Sessions 

      • Monday ~ iOECD Leadership Training​ (CPO 7-Day Audit, iCovestors or Enrollment Required)

      • Thursday (Every Other Week) ~ FinanciallyLit (Enrollment Required)

Benefits/Lessons to Learn:

  • Differentiate between the “Balance Sheet” and the “Cash Flow Statement”

  • Convert “Liabilities” to “Assets” with iCovest Debenture Management System

    •  Strategic Debt Elimination

  • Scale “Employment” to “Small Business” to “Big Business” Using iCovest's Proven System

  • New Paradigm Automation of Real Asset Accumulation to Mitigate Devaluation & Depreciation

  • Introduction to iCovest Residual Cash Flow Growth (B-Quad System) Automation

  • Introduction to iCovest Residual Cash Flow Legacy (i-Quad System) Automation

Promotional Money Back Rewards, Rebates, and Pre-Requisites:

  • 58% Immediate Cost Avoidance ($29.00/Month, equates to $348/Year)

  • Prerequisites:

    • Promotional Invitation expires:  After First 5,000 Enrolled or December 31, 2021

    • Enrollment Subscription Contribution past 7-Day Free Trial to Participate

Cash Flows as Your Mind Grows!

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