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    iCovest Strategic Philanthropists always seek to assess your current financial snapshot through our process we affectionately call your "Capital Needs Analysis". We simply begin by conversing about your unique retirement goals and objectives which are critically important to achieving the lifestyle you truly desire to have. This first step helps you to clearly establish your retirement date, as well as confirm your priorities. The CNA also mathematically addresses the common myths and misperceptions that undermine future retirement cash flow in commonly omitted from many of today’s financial plans. We will clarify the true principles that guide sustainable capital growth. Knowing the facts will help you protect your assets, your income, and build your residual cash flow legacy.
    Every strategy has an implementation strategy and insertion point. Evaluating your financial aptitude and current capital position helps to narrow the variety of available paths leading to your "Toll-Free Road" and will establish a belief with confidence in building your new cash flow paradigm. If you’re already accumulating qualified capital through standard tax-deferred plans, we will seek to identify the tax implications of your future cash flow and financial growth. In today’s economy, innovative strategies are needed to stay a step ahead of increasing uncertainties such as market currency devaluation, unpredictable volatility, inflation, and sustainability through a transforming global economic system. The unique value and experience of iCovest leadership, certainly provides an informed viewpoint to help you minimize the impact of these foreseable market shifts on your savings, inheritances and residual cash flow vehicles for tomorrow's provisions.
    So many financial gurus and professed YouTube experts claim to have the financial solutions you require for adequate retirement income simply by building up enough savings to fund the remainder of your retirement goals. The truth is, any retirement income withdrawals you make during your de-accumulative years will greatly impact your bottom line, and with it, the true lifestyle you desire to have in retirment. ENROLL TODAY AT iCOVEST ACADEMY &LEARN THE SECRETS OF THE ELITENOT COMMONLY SHARED ON MAIN STREETNOR OFFERED BY FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS! You must plan in advance for ever changing government rules and commercial regulations concerning your tax-deferred accounts. Your iCovest Family Office is a internationally syndicated private Non-Bank Financial Institution ("NBFI") that can provide you with an adequate projection of future residual cash flow, coupled with a jurisdictionally sound strategy for making it last beyond your years. Your spending plan will be based on modern applications of tried and true cash flowing vehicles, syndicated with appreciated asset classes that not only protect your store of wealth, but are assured to hold your intrinsic value even through an impending currency devaluation. With expert guidance to leverage your money, build your assets and protect your store of value, your cash flow can remain secure throughout your lifetime and for generations to come. (iCovest strategies, cash flow vehicles, and NBFI are designed to establish a multi-generational legacy so that you can secure the future of others as well.)
    OPEN YOUR IVA TODAY! ("ICO Vesting Account") Contrary to common perceptions, tax-deferred accounts may NOT be the most optimal vehicle to accumulate your savings and wealth in. Further research would indicate that thirty years of deferred taxes are generally repaid during the first five years of retirement. Meanwhile, recent volatile political swings, and several eradic regulatory shifts have been controlling the “tax calculation” applied to your income base. Imagine how you'd feel if in the future you learned that your overall tax bill was now five to ten times greater than what you had saved? (For Example: Some investors who socked money into serveral tax-deferred oil fracking investment vehicles, today find themselves at retirement facing a 90% windfall tax that did not exist when they planned out their retirement strategies!) This step outlines the exclusive and proprietary cash flow vehicles inherently built into your IVA, iCovest Cash Flow Family, and Cooperative Procurement Opportunities ("CPOs") designed to preserve your assets for your own use, while providing you with "Turn-Key" solutions, and the tools to make objective decisions about your investments.

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