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Don't Sell Your Policy!

The challenges of today's economy has made it difficult for Baby Boomers to maintain their their savings and wealth management vehicles!


If you currently have a WLI, VUL or IUL policy in danger of lapsing, did you know that your policy's ability to generate residual cash flow can be even greater than you think? 


There's a Cash Flow Family at iCovest looking to help you today!

Insured Residual
Cash Flow
Living Benefits!


Many policy owners frequently outgrow the usefulness of their life insurance.  Many believe their only options are to let the policy lapse, or surrender it to the insurance company for less.

The truth is that you can turn your policy into lucrative cash flow vehicle with LIVING BENEFITS for you, and LEGACY BENEFITS for your family.  Our proprietary iCovest CPO Silver Syndicated Trusts can turn your trying disposition into a winning proposition!  You can even keep a portion of your policy’s coverage without having to make future premium payments. 


Don’t settle for less than you deserve.

Find Out If You Qualify for iCovest
CPO Silver Syndicated 

Living Benefits & Establish Your Legacy Preservation Covenant!

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Life Settlements Steal Your True Value.

iCovest Preserves Your Legacy!

iCovest Life
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Are you eligible to cash flow your policy?

You Own an Insurance
Policy With a Reward Value ≥ $50k.

Your Policy is With a Mutual Dividend Paying Insurance Company.

You Desire to Establish A Legacy Preservation Covenant.

~ OR ~

You're Looking to Establish a Legacy of Residual Cash Flow.

You're Qualified
for ≥ $1 Million
Whole Life Insurance.

Why Just Settle...When You Can Cash Flow!

"iCovest Life has architecturally designed a seamless capital strategy that redefines your
private equity position held in your current policy, to function as a legacy cash flow provision."


~ iCovest Life Architect, November 2020

Blue Ocean Strategies Designed for Your Families!

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