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Curriculum Overview
Generating B-Quad Cash Flows

Learn how to

build capital generating vehicles that excel in an economically challenged world!

iCovest Academy is a progressive journey to achieving financial independence that starts with self-determination and motivation, and ends with an inheritable legacy of cash flow.

iCovestors don't focus on building a "nest-egg" for retirement...rather we aim to generate residual wealth through cash flow vehicles that automate the accumulation of appreciative assets, and increase with time as we build wealth in perpetuity long after we stop contributing our Time, Talent or Treasure to the machine.

The only way to do this fast, is to harness the power of Syndication, Silver, the Law of Averages, and the Law of Demographic Inevitability!

Get Financially Lit with us, and determine yourself to achieve financial freedom in as few as just 2-5 exciting years!

Choose to 
Enroll in

A Consultative Approach

We deploy a dedicated strategic philanthropist who will work with you to craft a tailored program that serves your specific capital needs and cash flow objectives.

Flexible Delivery Options

You learn in a format that fits your goals and schedule.  We employ a blended approach — including online (Live & Pre-Recorded), at your office, or at one of our global campuses — to create an impactful learning experience.

Assessment-Led Training

Developed with the prestigious strategies — data from leaders embedded within financial elite sources, and other leaders right in your community — our assessments benchmark teams so you can evaluate the best cooperative procurement opportunities, and prescribe training that targets your specific strengths and weaknesses.

Elite Instructors

Get access to world-class experts with experience at companies and organizations like the U.S. Treasury, USMCIA, IOTC, OECD, IMF, World Bank, etc.  Students receive practical experience and advice through hands-on projects and scenarios they can immediately apply to their financial goals and objectives.

iCOVESTOR CERTIFICATION (Promotional Rate &  7-Day Risk Free Trial)

Learn to differentiate between your "Balance Sheet" and your "Cash Flow Statement"

while discovering that property you may have thought to be assets are liabilities, and how the liabilities you carry may be used as a function of cash flow to eliminate debt. 


As you begin to determine your debt weapon system preference(s), we'll show

you how to systemically accumulate appreciative assets to transition your wealth

generation vehicles from the E-Quadrant and S-Quadrant of Robert Kiyosaki's 
Cash Flow Quadrant, to the B-Quadrant with iCovest Academy. 

Then you can learn how to leverage the money you're already spending to build

residual lasting capital accumulation in the iCovestor Quadrant, bringing the Cash Flow Quadrant to a whole new paradigm and redefining your legacy wealth system paradigm.

TOLL-FREE ROAD & B-QUAD (2% RRSC 7 Year Annual Royalty Disbursements) 

Including all underclassman curriculum and resources, ​go further by consulting with your qualified iCovest Strategic Philanthropist to tailor fit your goals using iCovest systems, and discover the lucrative potential of receiving iCovest Academy Money Back Rewards!

CHECKBOOK CONTROL / L.L.C. (4% RRSC 7 Year Annual Royalty Disbursements

Including all underclassman curriculum and resources, ​gain access to real-time geopolitical insight with actionable intelligence that give you the necessary AdvantEDGE to position your cash flow vehicles ahead of the trend, and with a lucrative strategy to obtain significant gains...all while receiving iCovest Academy Money Back Rewards!

SPENDTHRIFT TRUST (6% RRSC 7 Year Annual Royalty Disbursements

Including all underclassman curriculum and resources, ​with personal strategy planning sessions designed to help you develop a Cooperative Procurement Opportunity portfolio that customizes your approach with analytical due diligence assessments.  Get the most out of syndicating cash flow vehicles collateralized with a jurisdictionally secured appreciative precious metal store of wealth.  Mitigate downside risk resulting from devaluation and depreciation of your retirement savings and real property.

SELF-SUPPORTING MINISTRY (8% RRSC 7 Year Annual Royalty Disbursements

Including all underclassman curriculum and resources, ​with private personalized training in application of iCovest's Infinite Cash Flow Management System.  Learn how you can implement the "Financial Elite" strategies of Interest Cancellation, Interest Accumulation, Interest Float, Strategic Pay-off, Exploitation of Time Value of Money, Velocity Banking Application and how to start building your own Private Family
Non-Bank Financial Institutional Trust to end your family's dependency on third party financial institutional product lines.


DOCTORATE CURRICULUM (10% RRSC 7 Year Annual Royalty Disbursements

Including all underclassman curriculum and resources, ​with enterprise level application that helps you to build B-Quad business structures that:

  • Offer unique employee benefits for deferred compensation growth, with risk mitigated wealth preservation security from an impending currency devaluation.

  • Preserve your company's capital gain via iCovest proprietary tax-deferred vehicles

    • Specialized Spendthrift Trust

    • Rabbi Trust

  • Create your own CPO Silver Syndication qualified to receive international
    iCovestor capital assignment and participation.

  • Defend your rights from within the world, but not of it!

    • Access to iCovest Ecclesiastical Defense Counsel​

      • Explore your expansion potential by building B-Quad Cash Flow Vehicles within the body of Ecclesiastical ​State jurisdiction.

    • Access to iCovest Financial Force Recon 

      • 24-Layered sovereign trust development protects your cash flow, property, and assets from unforeseen liabilities and/or governmental confiscation.

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